The water crisis is a health crisis. Nearly 1 million people die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases. Every 2 minutes a child dies from a water related disease. Today, 771 million people lack access to safe water and 1.7 billion people lack access to a toilet. Over a millon deaths every year are caused by infections from unclean births. By 2040, roughly 1 in 4 children worldwide will be living in areas of extremely high water stress. people live in countries where water supply is inadequate. Not if we can help it. 
We understand that we can't end the water crisis alone however we believe that everyone must collectively do their part. Our mission is to provide families living in extreme water deprivation the simple privilege of access to clean water. Our mission is to prevent as many water hygiene/sanitation related deaths as possible. A contribution is made towards this mission with every sale. We aim to build wells and provide children with clean water in the most water deprived areas in the world.