What Tumbler Keeps Ice The Longest?

Written by Kyla Adams


Posted on December 27 2023


When it comes to keeping your beverages refreshingly cold, not all tumblers are created equal. Whether you're sipping on a chilled iced coffee or enjoying a frosty beverage on a hot summer day, the longevity of ice retention can make or break your drinking experience. In this blog post, we'll delve into the factors that affect ice retention in tumblers and provide our top contender tumbler for an ultimate ice-cold experience.


Understanding The Factors:


Several factors play a crucial role in determining how long a tumbler can keep ice from melting. These factors include insulation, material, design, and lid type.


1. Insulation: The primary function of a tumbler is to insulate your drink, keeping it at the desired temperature. Tumblers with double-walled vacuum insulation are known for their exceptional performance. This technology creates a vacuum between the inner and outer walls, minimizing heat transfer and effectively keeping your drink cold for longer periods.


2. Material: The material of the tumbler affects its ability to retain cold temperatures. Stainless steel is a popular choice for its durability and excellent insulating properties. Additionally, some tumblers feature a copper lining that enhances heat retention.


3. Design: The overall design of a tumbler can impact its ice retention capabilities. Tumblers with a narrower opening may reduce exposure to external temperatures, preventing warm air from entering and ice from melting too quickly.


4. Lid Type: The type of lid on a tumbler can influence its ability to retain ice. Tumblers with airtight, sealed lids help minimize heat exchange, preserving the cold temperature inside.


Our Top Contender: 


Hydronair Tumblers is our top contender for providing the ultimate ice-cold experience, they are made from high grade stainless steel constructed to keep your drink chilled for extended periods. They are also equipped with a double-walled, vacuum-sealed body this contributes to its impressive performance.




Choosing the tumbler that keeps ice the longest involves considering various factors, including insulation, material, design, and lid type. Ultimately, investing in a high-quality tumbler with advanced insulation technology can significantly enhance your cold beverage experience, ensuring that your ice stays frozen and your drink stays refreshingly chilled for longer durations. Cheers to enjoying your favourite beverages at the perfect temperature!